About our company​

G & P General Trading corporation is a Canadian company based in Burlington Ontario, Provides an exceptional Trading and sourcing service for its client’s.

We are specializing in sourcing different products for our clients and connecting them with best possible source, taking into consideration our clients (Buyers) requirements, our approach is to be your most reliable and resourceful partner.

We envision to be 'the strategic partner of choice' in the industry by providing quality products and outstanding services.

Our success is a result of our team hard work and the reliable service we provide to our customers quickly and efficiently, a long-lasting relationship with the producers and our professional team dealing with different countries around the world for different products including Europe, Asia and middle East.

As an owner-operated company, we work with lean structures and high efficiency, providing our customers with most favorable conditions who get to reap the benefits of our direct procurement and sales channels.

about us - gp

Why Choose Us

We are specialized in sourcing difficult-to-find materials for our customers quickly and efficiently,Due to our successful and long lasting relationship with the producers and professional team.

  • Knowledge of competent and reliable sources
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Developing and maintain a strong relationship with buyer and producers
  • Specialized team in every country we deal with to provide our customers the best service